Air-conditioning systems in medical technology

Air conditioning systems in large-scale medical equipment dissipates accumulated heat, which is generated and conveyed by system components and transmittance. This process requires a mechanical cooling system and ventilation system. These should create climatic conditions that:

  • serve human well-being and
  • guarantee a substantial reduction in the levels of dust and other air-borne elements

The system should also safeguard the supply of cooling water to medical system components.


The computer units and the electronic parts that are used to transfer heat to the ambient air are also crucially important.


Due to the distinct, project-specific requirements of individual sites, a powerful, adequately sized, yet economical system must be designed and installed each time.


These challenges exist year round, twenty-four hours per day, which means that appropriate measures must be taken, like winter adjustments in places that experience extreme cold.


This is done by using the latest system engineering — particularly where rising investment and energy costs are concerned.